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You can join us via IRC here:
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Every Saturday at 4PM (PST) / 7PM (EST), we will be hosting 4 player games. Look us up and join in! (click the IRC gather link above). If you just want to hang out, that's cool. You can idle as long as you want.


Server Status

Kaillera Server IP:

Game Play

Bomberman Vs. Game is a four-player battle royale, It can be played with 1 or 4 players, the empty slots filled by computer-controlled players. Although in theory a free-for-all, the computers will quite consistently team up on the human player(s). The Vs. Game is endless, and the difficulty of the computer players will rise with each match. A special victory screen is achieved after three victories. The player has three lives, and if those are lost, it's either continue or Game Over.

Bomberman World largely revolves around two modes of play; single player campaigns where the player must defeat enemies and reach an exit to progress through levels, and multiplayer modes where players must attempt to eliminate each other and be the last one standing. Gameplay involves strategically placing down bombs, which explode in multiple directions after a certain amount of time, in order to destroy obstacles and kill enemies and other players. The player can pick up various power-ups, giving them benefits such as larger explosions or the ability to place more bombs down at a time. The player is killed if they touch an enemy or get caught up in a bomb's explosion, including their own, requiring players to be cautious of their own bomb placement.


This section is for setting up your controls. To chat in game, hit the: "T" button, then click the "enter" key to send a message to all players.

Click: Input > Map game inputs...
All you need to do is set the "P1" buttons (unless you are running a game on one computer, with many players).


 The fire powerup increases the player's max blast radius by one.
 The three fires powerup increases the player's max blast radius by three.
 The bomb powerup increases the player's amount of bombs (at once) by one.
 The three bombs powerup increases the player's amount of bombs (at once) by three.
 The glove powerup gives the player the ability to pick up, carry, and throw bombs.
 The skate powerup increases the player's speed by one.
 The skull powerup gives the player one of a set of negative effects.
 The kick powerup gives the player the ability to "kick" bombs by walking into them.
 The power bomb powerup will explode with a maximum fire range.


Client Setup

The kaillera client is included in the "" download link. If for some reason you lose/misplace this, you can get it from the Links section. As far as i know, the 64bit FBA doesnt work right (with kaillera), so just use the 32bit one instead.

Select: Game > Load Game

Enter your ROMS folder here.

Scan your ROMs dir for ROMs here (this could take a minute or two). To find "bomberman" in the roms list, type in the search field: "bbmanw".

After everything is setup properly, Click: Game > Play via Kaillera. If this option is disabled, you need to "Refresh" your ROMS list in FBA32 and make sure there is a game in your list.

You are now using Kaillera (multiplayer). Set your "Connection type" as "LAN", then set your "Username", click the "Enter IP" button and enter the server IP and port and then click the "Connect" button. Once you connect, the IP/Port is added to your "Recent" tab (for easy future visits).

Server Setup

"FBA32" does NOT include kaillera server. To get it, click here: Links. Before others can connect to your server, you will need to forward UDP ports: 1024-65535 in your firewall.

Extract the server archive somewhere for now.

Configure the server conf file, save, and close. If you enabled webaccess, "AllowWebAccess=1" in the conf file, you can goto: http://SERVERIP:PORT/?page=status for server information. If you want to download a test example, click: Here

Goto your "Kaillera" folder and double click the kaillerasrv.exe file. Now, you are ready to host games.

Disclaimer: We do NOT host roms from this site.
We link to a site that hosts bomberman (world).